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Born to Run

Burke and Wills Trek 2015

16th to 26th August 2015

See you at the Dig Tree for an experience of a lifetime!

Make Your Own History

B&W Promo Final from Born to Run Foundation on Vimeo.

The Big Burke & Wills Trek is a 330km 11 day trekking challenge following in the faded footsteps of Burke and Wills through south western QLD and north eastern SA, from the Dig Tree (near Innamincka) to Birdsville crossing both the Strzelecki and Sturts Stony Deserts.

For those who may be short on time or not sure about covering the whole 330km on foot, the Trek is also offering two shorter options, including a 5 day 160km and 5 day 142km option. For further details see  Trek Options.

A Historic Expedition, A Feat of Endurance, An Unforgettable Journey

For 11 days, trekkers will be encouraged to become absorbed in the wonder and mystery of the Outback, connect to another time and place, and be immersed in a personal challenge of stamina and mateship as they trek to their destination at the Burke & Wills Memorial in Birdsville.

Commencing at Dig Tree in Queensland on 16 August 2015, the Big Burke & Wills Trek marks the beginning of a new modern pioneering endeavour - replicating a portion of the original route, this time bound for success in terms of both personal accomplishment and fundraising efforts.

"Pioneer":  the first or one of the earliest in an area of interest or field of inquiry.
Origin:  1515-25;   Synonyms:leader, trailblazer, forerunner, pathfinder
The expedition is designed to be authentic, tracing the original route of the initial four-man party for 330km north across the breathtaking outback Australian landscape, sleeping beneath the stars at campsites along the way, accompanied by a herd of 6 friendly camels (the same number of camels taken North by Burke and Wills) and safely guided and supported throughout by a highly organised professional team of experts.

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"Breath-taking": so beautiful the viewer is given pause for a moment, so exciting the heart races, awe inspiring, stunning, amazing and thrilling.

The Inspiration For The Burke & Wills Trek

The team behind the Big Burke & Wills Trek like to think big.  They set personal goals and team targets that push the physical boundaries of human endurance.  They do this show that immense personal challenges can be overcome, and with hard work, positive thinking and the support of a community, incredible goals can be reached and change lives in the process.

Since its launch in February 2012, The Born To Run Foundation commitment to finding a cure to type 1 diabetes has taken the form of a number of endurance events, including the 4 Deserts Challenge and the Big Red Run which encourages ordinary people to achieve the extraordinary.

The Power Of Potential

A test of physicality and endurance, pushing the body and mind to the limit, the Big Burke & Wills Trek will be tapping into the spirit of positivity, teamwork, mateship and hope. Who knows what goals can be accomplished?  Who knows what challenges may be overcome?  Who knows how lives may be changed?  With such opportunity, combined strength and potential, who knows what may be possible?

Our vision is that a positive can be realised from the tragic sequence of events over a century and a half ago, and to harness the determined spirit of those early explorers.

Our goals for the Trek are:

  • To achieve personal accomplishments never imagined before
  • To change the lives of participants in this amazing outback environment
  • To raise awareness of type 1 diabetes and raise funds for medical research
  • To make a substantial difference to the lives of those with type 1 diabetes
  • That the Big Burke & Wills Trek becomes a significant long distance experience, giving individuals access to the the original Burke and Wills trail via a safe and established route, and included on many people's "bucket list"

And to be part of an epic adventure.

"... It is now our turn, and we shall never do well until we entirely justify what you have done in showing what we can do" (Cheers).
Extract from Burke's Farewell Speech at The Victorian Exploring Expedition left Royal Park, Melbourne on Monday 20th August 1860. (Burke and Wills Web:

Contact Us

To find out more information, register your interest, join our mailing list or ask a question, click here to contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

It will be far more than a trek across the iconic Australian landscape.  It will be a momentous journey offering the opportunity to be truly life changing.

...Wanted for Epic Adventure:Everyone's invited to join the team undertaking the epic 2015 Big Burke & Wills Trek.  It's suitable for adventurers, experience seekers, trekkers and walkers, corporate teams, outback travellers, history buffs, international visitors, individuals looking for new challenges, people who want to learn more about Australian history and culture, those who want to do something worthwhile for others while doing something remarkable for themselves, people living with or connected to type 1 diabetes, anyone who wants to be involved in something incredible that is the first of its kind. No Experience Necessary...

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The Burke and Wills Trek is proudly sponsored by Paddy Pallin, Australia's most experienced outdoor store, Ezygonow, convenience anytime, anywhere and Happy Camper Gourmet - the revolution in camping food.

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The Big Burke & Wills Trek is a truly unique high profile fundraising event, which will draw significant media coverage. If you are interested in The Big Burke & Wills Trek sponsorship opportunities, please contact us, and our sponsorship manager will respond to you.

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